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  • Invest faster and smarter
  • We are your access to the
    modern era of algorithmic
  • Trading with emotionless,
    adaptive artificial intelligence.
  • Sophisticated algorithms
    monitor your portfolio every
  • Stocktrack removes the
    guesswork from your portfolio,
    turning investment into a
  • Track your portfolio’s growth
    with your online manager
  • No administration fees,
    just performance.

Welcome to,

Who are we?

We believe in empowering private investors and small organizations with exceptional returns that are generally reserved for investment banks and hedge funds.

We do this using STOCKTRACK, a proprietary technology for automated stock trading.

We are backed by a private consortium of investors and started trading on the NYSE in September 2010.

How does it work?

Investments are controlled by software algorithms based on continuous, real-time analysis. Our algorithms learn and adapt to the changing market conditions to keep your investment safe.

Our investment strategies focus on fundamental market behaviors and trends, revising tactics constantly to maintain performance.

Learn more about our infrastructure here.

Investing with Stocktrack

Investors can control investment portfolio online based on risk tolerance and Stocktrack will dynamically allocate funds.

Growth can be tracked online or in personalized weekly reports of your progress.

Learn more about investing with Stocktrack.